TechBase Essentials

TechBase Essentials Essentials include a number of helpful tools to diagnose vehicle problems. Included are: Volumetric efficiency calculator: helps trace Mass air flow sensor problems. Giving technicians a comparable value for idle and WOT, this is used to check if the MAF is correct. Starting and charging forms: Use with a VAT-40 style Battery tester and a volt meter to get results. Battery draw form: Use to find drain on battery's without removing fuses. On newer vehicles, removing fuses can reset the computer timers or reset the problem, find the drain without the headache. Alignment Toe set form: Use total toe to get the steering wheel straight. Old front end guys will tell you, "Use total toe to adjust the toe". This method helps to eliminate any slightly sticky turn plates and alignment machine issues. RPM Calculator: Calculate a motors RPM using a scope. Checking the RPM of a motor helps to find problems, if a fuel pump motor is spinning fast, check for fuel in the tank. Popular Conversion forms A small diagnostic timer Warning signs! Quickly create a sign to put on the dash like "Warning!" "No oil in the engine" Tools needed form: Simple place to type in what you need to talk to your tool dealers about. Other check sheets included
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Version 4.0.4
Operating System Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
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