MetroShop is an Internet-born, business management software solution containing embedded business logic, flow processes and a Website front-end. MetroShop is a complete turnkey solution and not a tool set or scripting language. Unlike other off the shelf eCommerce software packages, MetroShop does not require extensive programming or development before it can be used. Over 100 New E-commerce and e-business features. Tiered shipping, Pricing levels by customer type, Pricing levels by quantity, Coupons, Source codes, Data imports and exports, Advertising Analysis, support, Order processing, Credits, Additional pages, Automated emails with data dictionary, PayPal support, mail in check payments, Address verification, CVV2 support, Humanclick live chat support, Override shipping costs, Order comments, custom order confirmation email comments by payment method, multiple URL handling with sales breaks by url, shipping rates by order value, definable shipping methods by domestic/ international shipping addresses, enhanced fraud checking capabilities, Meta-tags, Search engine optimization of pages, Ingram micro product lookups, page footers, turn off page footer for secure pages, insurance charges by domestic / international destination, dimensional weight calculations by shipping method, additional home page text and logos by URL, image uploads, style sheet support, custom images for buttons on pages, alt-tag generation for images, kit component breakout on backorder reports, pick ticket generation, unlimited categories available, show products in multiple categories, and more. Manual can be downloaded from home page. Product must be compiled to customers specifications based on Machine, database, and webserver. Live demos Available
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2 Mac OS X 10.1
System Requirements
  • WebObjects 4.5.1
  • Mac OS X Server 10.1+
  • Database, most databases supported
  • Runs on Sun, Mac OS X, Windows, HP