Trip Boss is an all-in-one travel manager for both business and personal travel. Highly configurable; use for both international and domestic travel. Plan, record, and report all aspects of your travel. New graphics design--color and hi res!2004 "Software of the year" -- Shaun McGill, Palm247. The program includes: expense tracking and reporting mileage and time tracking and reporting itinerary storage trip journaling trip planning (budget and route) ratings (lodging, restaurants, places) fuel economy tracking special tracking of any distance and/or time (hiking, travel within countries, customer visits...). currency converter (can be used stand-alone) tip/split calculator (can be used stand-alone) Trip Boss(TM) provides convenient reports of expenses, ratings, summaries, and graphs of trip data. Export/Import of all place data to/from Address Book. Export of expense data in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format to Memo Pad. Export of itinerary information to your Date Book, with time zone conversion. Can be used worldwide: PDA main preferences such as time and date format are respected; currencies, units of measure, and time zones are all configurable. You can even enter configurable items and trip data in your own language. Trip Boss(TM) is highly configurable. If the defaults do not meet your needs, you can add places, types of places, types of expenses, budget categories, currencies, etc. Tabbed windows, fingertip buttons, and support for 5 way navigation button, add to the ease of use, making navigation quicker by minimizing taps.
File Size417.97 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0 and greater
  • 512k RAM
  • Garnet and Cobalt compatible.