RegTracker is designed to help you keep track of the programs you have registered, both on your Palm Device and on your PC. With this application, you will be able to enter in all your software, registration codes, dates of purchase and any expiration dates that apply. You will also be able to track the cost of the registered versions and beam these records back and forth between your devices or someone elseâ??s.Updated 3/27/01- Includes full color and monochrome support regardless of Palm Device. - Pre-formatted Reports included in Registered Version. - Improved Graphics for better look and feel. Key Benefits:- Track your Palm OS and PC software titles, information and registration codes. in an easy to use and access fashion. - Easy to use and access stored information. - Affordable and practical. - Color graphics and scheme (Improved in 1.1). - Pre-Formatted Reports.
LicenseFree to try
File Size28.86 kB
Operating System Palm Mobile
System RequirementsAny Palm OS and any Palm Device, including Color Devices. Reporting tool requires MS Windows and a Printer.