Creating little notes on your own desktop was possible for many years. But wouldn't it be better to create notes for others, and stick them on their own desktop? iSticky provides both functions in one application. You can create notes to remind yourself and others too. And besides, iSticky enables you to let the notes on your desktop look the way you like! The font, color or even a background picture can be customized. For global communication between iSticky users, Insist set up iStickyServer. This application runs on our server to handle your worldwide sent notes, or as we like to call it: istickies. Istickies sent to others are stored in our database until the recipient checks for new istickies. Insist hopes it will be able to maintain this iSticky service, but because that also depends on the number of users, licenses, etc., we cannot guarantee iStickyServer will be available forever. But without iStickyServer, iSticky still can be used as your advanced memo assistant! iSticky makes it possible to send sticky notes to the desktop of another iSticky user and to create stickies on your own desktop as well. Create istickies for yourself Send istickies to other users Email notification to non-users when an isticky is sent to them Change the look of the istickies on your desktop
File Size3.05 MB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.2
System RequirementsMac OS X 10.2 or higher