Time Maximizer

Time Maximizer is personal time management software for Palm OS PDAs and handheld devices. Time Maximizer will help you maximize your effectiveness by enabling you to better understand how much of your time you are spending on important activities. Time Maximizer begins with the activity information in your PDAâ??s core DateBook (Calendar) and ToDo applications. It then asks you to provide some additional information about each activity â?? for example, was it a work or personal activity? was it important? was it urgent? This additional information is captured quickly using simple interfaces. Time Maximizer then enables you to report on this information for your chosen time period(s), primarily using a 2x2 matrix of Importance versus Urgency that many people will be familiar with. You can quickly see what proportion of your time you were spending on Important activities, what proportion of these activities were also Urgent, etc. You can compare time periods to see how your behavior is changing, see how your behavior at work differs to that at home, and â??drill downâ?? to see what specific DateBook and ToDo activities were driving the results.
Price USD15.95
License Purchase
File Size 122.07 kB
Version 2.14
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 to 4.x