EcoCar Professional Edition

Eco-Car Professional Edition is a smart application software to find out how much you can save (or loose) if you do Car-Pooling instead drive to your destination address alone. It need an Internet connection and the computation can take several minutes, depends from the band speed. All the costs and estimates are referred to the whole 'pool' (=group of people who do Car-Pooling) for a outward and return journey. Eco-Car is an easy and fast solution to spend less and understand how much can cost a journey. Car-Pooling is a possible solution to reduce transport costs and its adverse effects. This solution consists in sharing of the car among a group of people: one or more people provides the own vehicle, while others can help to cover some of the costs incurred by the driver. This mode of transport is widespread in the workplace or University, where several people, who travel in the same time and with the same destination, agree to travel together. This logic of transport can be applied to many other areas: transportation, logistics, retail... this is why the number of addresses has been increased. Professional features: Not only Car-Pooling: transportation, logistics, retail; You can choose from 7 (not only 3) different vehicles, or set your own fuel consumption and co2 emissions; You can do Car-Pooling estimate with any numbers of Addresses; (or Stops) only opening an Excel file (not 5); You can save your data results. You can personalize the results; You can choose from a Urban o Rural driving area; The program have an easiest interface. Standard features: You can change language: from Italian to English and vice-versa; You can choose from 15 European Countries; You can choose your journey: shortest or quickest; You can choose from 3 vehicle types; You can choose from 1 to 5 stops; The program don't need to be installed; It is an On-Line version: you only need an Internet connection; Route Optimizer: addresses order from nearest to farthest. Program thought and developed by Nicola Cominetti, an Italian Mamagement Engineer at Bologna University.
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows Me Windows Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows 3.x Windows 7 Windows NT Windows 95 Windows Server 2008 Windows XP