PDF Automation Server

PDF Automation Server (PAS) is a unique product that can automate the receiving, processing and routing of PDF documents in your organization. PAS can receive PDF documents from multiple sources concurrently, including email, ftp servers and local or network folders. Processes can then be defined independently for each document source to perform a number of different functions on the documents. Finally, PAS can route the original or modified document to multiple destinations, including folders, printers, email and ftp servers. PAS Features : Reliability. PDF Automation Server has been produced and tested with the utmost care so that uptime is maximized and your documents are always processed reliably. Intelligent error handling and recovery is done at multiple levels in the software so that the server can recover from transient error conditions. Multiple Sources. PDF Automation Server can receive documents from multiple sources concurrently, including folders, email and FTP servers. Multiple Destinations. PDF Automation Server can deliver the documents to multiple destinations, including folders, email and FTP servers. Event Logging. PDF Automation Server keeps a complete log of events in the server, including informational, warning and error events. With the event log, users can track document processing and pinpoint causes of problems. Notification. PDF Automation Server can send notification emails based on a number of criteria, including error conditions as well as successful processing of documents. Platform Independence. PAS is platform independent and can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and several Unix flavors. PDF Processing Functions Printing. PAS can automatically print incoming PDF documents to single or multiple printers before or after processing the document. Security. PAS can encrypt and set the permissions on PDF documents. Images. PAS can convert PDF documents into images and can create PDF documents from images.Merge Data. PAS can import fields values from xml, xfdf, xdp files.Data Export. PAS can export fields values to xml, xfdf, xdp files.>Flatten Fields & Annotations. PAS can flatten fields and annotations into the PDF content.>Extract Text. PAS can extract text from PDF documents
Price USD500
License Purchase
Version 1.10
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows NT Windows Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 2003
System Requirements
  • Pentium 1.8 GHz or higher
  • 1GB RAM