Time Track

Time track allows you to keep exact time records (to the second) of anything. Designed for consultants to simplify the process of billing clients but has hundreds of uses. The built-in utilities also make it easy to determine the amount of time that has elapsed from one event to another, add multiple time durations to get a total, and calculate the amount to bill your clients based on the hours worked and the rate that you enter. Time Track's new AutoTrack feature allows users to automatically track the time spent using almost any application without having to click on the start and stop button. This feature has been designed to greatly enhance workflow and prevent the user from losing time because they forgot to start logging. The AutoTrack Monitor window allows the user to see which AutoTrack applications are running and how much time has elapsed since they started being logged. New features have been added to allow Time Track to run autonomously in the background, including the ability to have Time Track launched when the computer boots up and the ability to send the application to the background when launched. Time Track is now AppleScriptable and the downloadable archive contains sample scripts for controlling Time Track. One of the included samples is a FolderAction script that can be used turn logging on when a folder is opened and turn logging off when the folder is closed. This is a great solution for users that want to track the usage of files rather than applications. Time Track's Control Strip Module (CSM), called Time Track Strip, is now complete. This CSM gives user's the ability to start and stop logging without having to bring Time Track to the front. Time Track Strip's icon reflects the current logging status so that user's can know at a glance whether they are logging or not. Numerous other improvements have been made to make using Time Track easier and faster, including a clock on the main window that shows the time elapsed since the user began logging, a window menu to allow the user to select between the open windows, the ability to export log files to other formats including TDF (Tab Delimited File), undo and redo support for log file editing, a recent items menu, a recent descriptions popup menu, a recent rates popup menu, and the ability to print all of the log files at once. As a bonus, Time Track now comes bundled with Trinfinity Software's popular freeware calendar, QuicKalendar, which can be launched via a menu item or command key.
File Size1.91 MB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.0 or higher