Finally, the real estate professional has a simple to use, fill-in-the-blank, financial calculator for the Palm. Now, the same device that has your address book and appointments also has your financial calculator so you�ll have one less device to carry. The new PZCalc enables you to give buyers and sellers the sound financial advice they want and need with without having to remember the keystrokes of a conventional financial calculator. Calculating mortgage payments or unpaid balances are performed quickly and easily. You can estimate the future value of a home with confidence with simple entries. PZCalc includes a series of the most common and powerful calculations needed for residential transactions. Experienced agents know the advantages of using an 80% mortgage with a 10% second to avoid PMI that will result in savings of up-front and monthly fees. The PZCalc figures the payments and the blended rate in less time than calculating a single mortgage payment on a conventional calculator. PZCalc handles �I want to think it over� by quickly showing the buyer what can happen if the interest rate goes up and how much more they�ll pay monthly and over the life of the mortgage. Using a powerful tool like this will help buyers focus on the decisions in a timely fashion. When you hear �we want to think it over�, PZCalc will show them how an increase in interest will raise their monthly payment and result in paying tens of thousands of dollars more for the home. A change in interest could eliminate their subject home altogether if they were qualified for a higher payment and they didn�t have the additional required down payment. Whip out your Palm and show a person with PZCalc the tax savings they�ll get by owning a home as well as how their down payment will grow based on leverage, appreciation, and amortization. You�ll never have to worry about which buttons to push because this PZCalc is fill-in-the-blank. PZCalc will help you tell an owner whether to refinance based on how long it will take to recapture their refinancing costs instead of inaccurate rules-of-thumb. You can show a homeowner that making additional principal payments like $100 a month will save them thousands in interest and shorten the term of their loan. Nationally known real estate expert, Pat Zaby, wrote the book on how to explain complicated numbers to buyers and sellers and he developed this Palm application with you in mind. As a developer of leading Windows applications, Pat Zaby knows just what you need for the Palm. The Council of Residential Specialists has used his copyrighted forms for traditional financial calculators for 15 years. Texas Instruments distributes the forms he designed for the BA Real Estate calculator while serving as a consultant on that project. This essential real estate tool is priced at $49. Download it from now to your computer. It installs quickly and easily into your Palm Desktop and the next time you synchronize, it will be installed on your Palm. You�ll want to pay the registration fee and get your code number before the trial version expires so you are not without this money-making tool.
File Size39.06 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS v3.x