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QuickSpell is a hack, a HackMaster extension, which detects misspelled words and suggests the right spelling. Most probably you already have experience with spell-checkers and are aware of the fact that spell-checkers can only determine whether words are spelled correctly. They cannot determine if the word in question is the word you want. For example, if I had written, "spell-checkers can only determine weather words are spelled correctly," a spell-checker would not have detected a mistake - although "weather" is the wrong word, it is spelled correctly. It is therefore necessary to look up words in a dictionary, to make sure you selected the right one (provided you know there are other words that sound like the one you used). A dictionary will help in every case. Did you type "there" when you meant "their"? Can you decide which of "write" and "right" and "rite" you want? If the meaning of the word you selected turns out to be quite different from what you intended, look up similar-sounding words until you find the one you wanted. You may be surprised how many words are commonly used incorrectly or mistaken for each other in speech.
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  • Palm OS 2.0
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