Gourdville Screensaver

Gourdville is a fabulous land of watermills and pumpkin fields along the majestic Never Never River. This lost haven is inhabited by kind, simple hearted people, who are busy milling the grain into floor and fishing a mermaid in the river. Invitations to the year's biggest Halloween feast were sent out long ago. Guests are coming. Your ripe orange fruit is waiting to be picked right of the vine. Bundled with screensaver manager Gourdville can autolaunch and stay on in the cradle, start upon plug-in and work on battery. Features: Halloween theme Bright, colorful backdrops and top-notch fluid animations Amazingly realistic day and night change Grins, hiccups and many other funny sound effects Real-time mode in sync with the system clock and three speed modes switched to your life rhythm with a single tap Extremely challenging navigation around the scene with buttons or a stylus Handy clock with two faces, one for system time and the other for Gourdville "time-zone" Full functions of a screensaver, including autolaunch and stay on in the cradle
Price USD 6.95
License Purchase
File Size 3.15 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS