AppForge MobileVB

MobileVB, mobile application development software, integrates directly into Visual Basic 6.0 enabling you to immediately write applications that will run on over 90% of the world's handheld, mobile, and wireless devices. Get your Registration/Evaluation Key at Write applications for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Symbian OS (Sony Ericsson P800, Nokia Communicator 9210/9290). You can use AppForge MobileVB to easily create intelligent, smart-apps that run on multiple platforms including Palm OS (Palm, Handspring, Sony, IBM, Kyocera, HandEra, Samsung, Symbol), Pocket PC (iPaq, Dell Axim, Jornada, Casio, NEC, Symbol, Toshiba), Symbian OS (Sony Ericsson P800, Nokia Communicator). AppForge has won every major award for handheld and wireless development software. Utilize the Visual Basic resources you already have. Bring applications to market sooner. Because MobileVB leverages the skills you already have, applications can be created in a matter of hours (versus the weeks or months it takes using other tools). In addition to tremendous labor savings, applications can go to market sooner, giving AppForge developers a competitive advantage. AppForge has the best support and knowledge base in the industry ( We are dedicated to our developers and have implemented the very best support services available. Industry recognition is just one factor in evaluating products. But if you listen to the experts who have reviewed MobileVB, you quickly see why tens of thousands of developers have chosen AppForge as their mobile development standard. From PC Magazine's 5 star review to Visual Studio's 2001 Editor's Choice Award, AppForge has won every major award in its class. Over 10,000 enterprise applications have been designed, developed and deployed in record time using AppForge MobileVB and over 3 million runtimes have been distributed. Since AppForge programs are written in Visual Basic, you will always have people who can maintain and update them.
File Size28.61 MB
Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 98
System Requirements
  • Windows OS, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic Service Pack 3 or higher (available at, 32MB RAM, 40MB hard drive space and more.