The Fastest Conduit on the Market Get/Send Palm files as PDB/PRC/PQA Get/Send Satellite Forms DBF-MDB'S All versions Get Palm Date Set Palm Date Get Palm Info Get Palm Dir ( RAM-ROM ) Get Palm File Info Delete File From Palm Build in Compression for both sides, until now it was always PC>HH compression and only sending files to HH was quicker and with the new PDA TECH technology this is over. Files will be compressed also at the HH and will be transferred to PC, all this with record sizes of 64 Kb. The end user does not have to install extensions to Palm, all is done with the Original HotSync. Even a hard reseted Palm will function without problems Install and forget solution, no need to configure registry entries etc. Can install complete applications if they do not exist on the connected palm Works integrated with Hotsync/ PALM and PC Side No Need to install files to palm
File Size801.76 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Windows latest servicepacks
  • Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 4.0,HotSync >= 4.1