EHF (Event Handler Framework)

The EHF (Event Handler Framework) is a library for developing Palm OS applications that makes it easy to route events through your application. Instead of the standard way of handling events, through gigantic switch statements and multiple if/else statements, the EHF routes events using a simple dispatch table mechanism to event handler functions. Most modern event driven development environments provide a method of dispatching events to specific blocks of code that are designed to handle the specific event. For C/C++ PalmOS programmers, however, that has been missing from the development environment so the programmer was responsible for event dispatching which is usually accomplished with big switch statements merged with multiple if/else conditional testing of incoming events. Along with that a standard framework has emerged for PalmOS apps which is very hard to learn and even harder to maintain. That framework merges all the code for all the events received by a form into a single function which inhibits code reuse and makes even a simple change a exercise in crossing your fingers and hoping you don't break something. EHF attempts to fix these problems by providing the Palm OS C/C++ programmer with a more friendly event routing mechanism that encourages more modular and readable code. In addition, the EHF makes it easy to extend event routing to code outside the context of a form which makes it much easier to develop reusable code such as custom controls.
File Size89.84 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 2.0