PPrefs allows you to save sets of preferences for the buttons on your Palm OS device and system sound levels. For instance, you might name a set "Quiet" for use in meetings, with all of the sound levels set to "Off", have another set called "Normal", which you would use at other times, and a third set called "Games", which would change the buttons so that you can switch easily between PScore and PPick, to roll dice and keep score for a game. Instead of having to go to the Preferences screen and set each preference separately, you can save different groups of preferences with a name in PPrefs, and easily switch between them. Features: Sets preferences for what applications the buttons launch Sets preferences for system sounds Name as many sets of preferences as you want (up to the memory available in your Palm OS device) Apply any set of preferences you have named, at any time Not specific to any particular type of Palm OS device, as long as it has at least some of the standard buttons and uses the standard Palm sound preferences. Note that this application is not recommended for most phone-style Palm devices, such as the Treo, since they usually don't have standard Palm buttons or sounds.
File Size11.72 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher device with standard Palm buttons.