TealInstall for Windows

A complete Windows installation program for easy distribution and installation of Palm-format program and data files. A tool for developers of Palm Software and data files, TealInstall is not intended for direct use by end users, but can be bundled with PalmOS applications and data files to make them easy to install for potential customers. Use it to limit those support emails from people who can't figure out the Palm Install Tool (or refuse to look in their manuals).TealInstall supports installation of both individual files, specified by pathname, or of files bundled with the Installer executable for simple one-file download and installation. It supports up to six Palm-format files, and and optional license agreement and/or readme file. TealInstall can also be called externally from the command line to install specific files to specific users as part of a batch operation. Best of all, TealInstall is free for distribution with shareware and freeware applications and data.
File Size89.84 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME