Poplet Kit

The Poplet Kit is software for creating, configuring and executing Poplet modules. A Poplet module is an application that typically interacts with other applications. Poplet modules are programmed in the Handscript language (Javascript compatible) and launched via the Palm OS command bar. They are easy to make, easy to use and improve all your applications! The Poplet Kit includes many sample Poplet modules in source code form provided under an open source license. These are useful both as productivity enhancing applications and as learning aids in creating your own modules. There are modules for text processing, calculations and conversions using the user interface elements of other applications. Poplet modules support dynamic generation of web clippings (PQAs) to format information on the device and device-local processing for web clipping applications.
File Size657.23 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5