Pendragon Forms

Now, anyone can make custom data collection forms for Palm OS handhelds...It's easy to develop your own data collection forms for Palm OS handhelds when you're using our Pendragon Forms software. Just tell the software what information to collect and how you want it synchronized. The software will even create a Microsoft Access database table to store the data for you!Need to export to ASCII and Excel? No problem. Just click the Export button!Say goodbye to paper forms...Try our 14-day evaluation version. You could be collecting data electronically in as little as an hour! Scalable to support multiple users...So you've built a database that's going to eliminate tedious paper pushing and save your company a small fortune. But how do you roll it out companywide? It's easy. Just upgrade to a multi-user installation, and you can centrally control which users get which forms and data.
Price USD299
License Purchase
Version 5.1
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm Desktop 4.0 or higher
  • ActiveSync 3.7 or higher (for Pocket PCs)
  • Microsoft Access 97 or Access 2000