Real time weather 2018

When you plan to go somewhere one of the problems you face that you don,t know about how the weather will react and sometimes we face a lot of problems from it like for example when we plan to somewhere and the weather is sunny so we taught that there will be no chance of raining and take nothing to save yourself from raining or wind and when the weather change dramatically then you realize that perhaps you see weather forecast on television before planing something.Therefore we make this weather update forecast app for you all you have to do is to install this app in your mobile phone and you can able to see weather forecast at any time and anywhere The app is a beautiful and free app. You can Update your local weather with icons.The weather channel forecast is a very unique and useful application and is designed to be simple with which it is easy to use. You can check the weather you live and also you can check the weather of other cities and countries by just one click. The weather prediction for today it will give you the weather reports of 6 days.Weather real forecast detects weather in your current city location automatically.There are many information in weather daily forecast which includes weather condition, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure , precipitation in different unites ,visibility distance, up to date upcoming days, dew point, wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days future forecast, also hourly weather real time update forecast about rain, wind speed.This free app accurately forecasts local weather: sunshine, rain, temperature, humidity, UV index, etc. for each mi about the temperature, humidity, Rain and about how the weather will beTHE WEATHER CHANNEL FEATURES- Accurate daily and weekly weather forecast update- Accurate precipitation forecasts for each locality and region around the world, including rainfall, intensity, wind pressure, etc.- Give you report of weather for today, tomorrow, the next 6 days, even it extends the weather forecast report up to 10 days- Weather forecast channel displays the information about the Temperature, humidity, fog, sunshine, rain, wind symbol- It will give you the warning when the weather may be reached at an extreme point in the current locationsuch as ice, snow, thunder, lightning, hail, etc.- Fishing weather report has amazing graphics and beautiful widgets, animations and it is suitable for all phones and you will have a great experience on all tablets and smartphones from Android- Give you the latest weather report after automatically detect your location- With Weather notifications in status bar can help you to plan your travels with weather alerts and warnings- The app and the weather data is available in over 40 languages
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android