Pink Weather Widget

Is it going to rain today? What's the temperature outside? Pink Weather Widget is there to help you with these questions that we ask ourselves every day. It brings you weather display on phone which you can consult whenever you need weather information live. Now is the time to match pink clock widgets for home screen with brand new widgets which have numerous options - temperature in degree Celsius, humidity forecast, current wind speed, pink colors and many other. Sun and rain, snow or fog, low or high humidity and temperature, it doesn't matter because now you can get your own daily weather report app and be informed. All you need to do is download Pink Weather Widget and best widgets app will customize your home screen with all its beauty.*** Five days weather forecast*** Current temperature*** Relative humidity meter*** UV index meter*** Atmospheric pressure*** Wind speed and direction*** Sunrise and Sunset times*** Locate by network or GPS*** Manually search for location*** Update on WiFi only option*** Allow in roaming option*** Customizable widgets for home screen*** Choose widget themes and transparency*** Automatic or manual update*** The cutest pink environment temperature appDo you want "live weather report with current location" in a form of a "transparent weather widget on home screen"? No problem, you've just found a super widget which has cool features such as current wind speed, humidity and temperature meter and cute themes. There are very few "stylish widgets for home screen" that are useful as well, but this easy weather forecast app free to download will surprise you with its personalization themes and the way it embellishes your home screen design. All free cool apps tools and widgets can't even come close to what Pink Weather Widget has to offer. Don't wait but download the most amazing outside temperature app and enjoy the benefits of weather display on screen.If you think that your home screen app style could use some cool widgets free to download or pink girly transparent widgets, then you're in for a surprise. "Pink Weather Widget" can be your location and temperature app that will provide you with cool style and "weather forecast display on screen". With our new climate widget and sunrise sunset app you choose the best among cute apps to customize phone. Let's say that you're a user of "temperature and humidity measure apps" but you also want a "daily climate weather report app" - why would you have two apps to take up your phone memory when you can have 2 in 1. Personalize your phone by adding unique and useful widgets to your home screen themes. Is it raining outside? What's the speed of wind? Download this temperature widget right now and find out.Our pink weather news app with stylish themes give you updates about the climate condition outside at a glance. This modern "5 day weather forecast widget" provides real time temperature info via GPS tracker location or network. What's more, it can measure humidity and wind speed so that you can stay dry and get accurate data about the local weather. The answer to question - "what's the weather going to be like today"? can be right on your home screen thanks to this rain tracker and humidity widget. Not many temperature measure apps come with all these options so download Pink Weather Widget and enjoy the "best weather forecasting app" on your device.
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