Simple Anemometer - Weather & Wind Forecast Widget

Simple Anemometer is a wind speed meter that shows wind speed, wind, wind direction and temperature. Set wind meter, anemometer and thermometer in one. It can measure real-time wind, wind speed, wind direction and temperature, and forecast future wind, wind speed, wind direction and temperature. You can know ahead of time if there is any hurricane coming. Outdoor Weather Forecasting: wind forecast, wind forecast and wind prediction. The wind meter is so convenient and Practical!Main Feature Of Simple Anemometer* Wind speed: m/s, km/h, mile/h. Three modes can be switched freely. With wind speed in the next 48 hours and wind speed display in the next 4 days.* Wind: shows the wind level, and shows the wind is dangerous color logo. There are green, cyan, yellow, orange and red - five colors. Green is safe, red is dangerous, the closer to the green represents the wind is not threatening, the closer to the red represents a very dangerous, there is likely to be a hurricane.* Wind direction: shows the direction of the wind, and there is a rotating disc to show the wind direction. The next 48 hours and the wind direction of the next 7 days show.* Temperature: real-time temperature and future temperature, freely switch Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the next 48 hours and the next 7 days temperature forecastSimple Anemometer is not only capable of wind direction prediction, wind speed prediction and wind prediction, but also real-time or seven days in the future temperature. It's a practical and convenient travel concise helper. Open it before going out, you can know the outdoor weather, so you can prepare for going out in advance!
Operating System Android