APE Weather ( Live Forecast)

The accurate weather report will be provided with the help of GPS function and location service. When you open the APP, you can easily receive real-time temperature, air pressure, wind force scale and wind direction. It is your best choice to lookup the weather forecast.Functions in detail:1 Live weather report is provided, 5-day forecast as well.2 Detailed and accurate weather information in 24 hours.3 Weather information for about 220,000 cities and districts around the world.4 Alarm automatically for terrible weather and weekend weather tips, making your travel decision easier.5 Weather information in detail, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind force scale and direction.6 Grace UI and animations of all kinds of weather.7. New theme function, and you can change the theme easily with a switch.8. Each weather type has appropriate fine wallpapers, providing better user experience.
Operating System Android