Indian Weather

The Indian weather app is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition at your current location. Indian Weather accurately provide hourly, daily and 5-day forecasts. Weather maps provides you rain, heat & wind data/view. This app uses OpenWeatherMap as a data channel and the weather updates are tiny so that you would not use up any significant internet bandwidth. Features. Get all the details- wind, pressure, humidity. Browse maps- rain, wind, heat. Sunrise/sunset time. Use GPS to detect your current weather location. Widget- two different styles widgets. Weather Alarm. Offline functionality when there's no internet connectivity. Material design User Interface- very fast and easy to use. Three different themes. Choice of many units/settings: temperature units -pressure units -speed units -date format -decimal format -wind direction format -refresh interval timeI hope you enjoy it. feedback and comments are welcomed. lionheartapps. rk@gmail.comfollow me on facebook fref=ts.
Operating System Android