Local Free Weather Widget

Local Free Weather Widget is a full featured, completely customization digital clock & weather forecast application and widget For Android. The best free weather app, powered by the world's largest network of professional weather stations, providing the fastest weather alerts, real-time weather conditions. Weather Bug provides the most weather maps so you have multiple options on what weather conditions you need to see. My Radar shows animated weather, so you can tell if rain is headed toward or away from you, and how fast. It presents the forecast in a timeline to help you quickly glance and digest the information and has a strong focus on color to outline the weather conditions. You won't even have to look out the window as Weather Live will make you feel like you are already outside. Local Real Time Weather - Real-time temperature. Free Weather Forecast- Weather forecasts for 7 days. The widget also provides sunrise and sunset times according to city time zone. You do not need to search weather today, local weather anymore. Accu Weather forecasts snow, ice, rain, wind, or the probability of thunderstorms, you'll see an orange card with an exclamation point displayed within the location's current conditions with a brief summary of the alert in effect. The widgets display current time clock, calendar date, battery level information with battery icon, live weather information and forecast. Real-time temperature, feels like temperature, current clock/time, weather tomorrow, weather in 7 day are all in this weather widget android based on weather server. The app includes many cool widgets, portrait and landscape mode. The widgets display current time clock, date, and battery level information with battery icon, calendar events in addition to weather information and forecast. Main Features. Temperature in status bar - Weather condition - Many different widget - Winter Weather Alerts - Get wind speed - Celsius and Fahrenheit weather units - Hourly weather forecast - Elegance Theme - An option to manually add your location - Hourly wind forecast - All useful weather information & weather forecast - Beautiful user interface using material design It's easy and free.
Operating System Android