Quick preview of the most up-to-date weather forecast for 300k+ worldwide locations. Regularly updated weather forecast of the air temperature, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, clouds and precipitation. Pre-defined user profiles allows you to easily change set of weather parameters you wish to display (for start you can choose among: standard, marine, airborne profile). DailyWeather features also next-generation storm, lightings, temperature, precipitation and wind alerts. You can define your own threshold level for each parameter. We will monitor forecasts for you and inform you immediately when your preset conditions are met. A full access to the GFS model provides a wide range of additional parameters e.g. 500 hPa Temperature, Wind gusts, CAPE, CIN, Frozen rain probability, UV radiation and many, many more. DailyWeather - professional forecasts and weather alters at your hand. DailyWeather includes: Weather widget (4x1 and 4x2). Weather forecast up to 5 locations around the world. Choosing location from location name database, map or coordinates. Weather tabs with daily/hourly and weekly/daily weather forecasts. Three pre-defined user profiles: standard, marine, aviation. Advanced weather alerts (you pick the parameter and threshold level, we monitor it.). Available weather parameters: air temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, clouds cover, precipitation. Weather graphs. Global lightings radar/map. Customizable user profiles. Forecast for more than 300 GFS model parameters e. g: CAPE, CIN, 500 hPa Temperature, Convective rain, Wind gusts. DailyWeather vs. StormWeather Widget PROAdding locations: DW: max. five - SWW PRO: unlimitedWeather model access: DW: GFS 0.5x0.5 Degree only - SWW PRO: GFS 0.5x0.5 Degree, GFS 0.5x0.5 Fog model, CMC.
Operating System Android