QVS Data Pro

Downloads and stores earthquake data from the major earthquake data providers - USGS, EMSC, GFZ Potsdam and GeoNet (NZ), Geosciences (Australia), JMA (Japan), NOA (Greece), NRCAN (Canada), BGS (United Kingdom). Connects to other earthquake services such as seismograms from IRIS, Time series plots as well as graphs of earthquake data from internally stored data, earthquake data analysis and the production of earthquake sounds. Earthquake data from Taiwan and Iceland are about to be added to the downloads which are either automated in a windows service or manually as you require. Some services such as NOA (Greece) need to be automated as after 24 hours time gap there would be a data gap. Each of the downloads is selectable. Also included are the Centennial earthquakes and the facility to import ANSS data. A rudimentary form of stress analysis is provided based solely on the number of earthquakes and their energy output over a period of time hoping to give a very rough approximation of when another large earthquake might be expected. It is NOT nor is it intended to be a valid earthquake forecaster and no liability will be accepted for any actions taken based on the output of the analysis. Earthquake 'sounds' can be produced either using the IRIS time series tools or by downloading SAC files which can be big-endian or little-endian. The length of the sound file is limited only by your system resources and speeded up files of a days worth of data are possible. Earthquake systems change frequently, and sometimes themselves have data problems which impact QVSData. It is a goal try try and fix any such problems when notified within sufficient time to prevent data gaps. The program also has links to many sites about earthquakes, volcanoes and solar data, and recently web links for weather data were added. All links are maintainable by the user and there is provision to add your own links to the menus.
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License Free
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Operating System Windows Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
System Requirements None