Welcome to the Arkansas Weather app. No other app can bring you the history of weather in Arkansas. This is just the beginning with much, much more planned down the road. Below you will find information about each section of the app. LITTLE ROCK DAILY CLIMATE AND ARKANSAS WEATHER HISTORY. For each day of the year, you will be able to find the average high, average low, record high, record low, record rain, record snow, sunrise, and sunset time for Little Rock. Below that is a piece of Arkansas weather history. This database will continue to grow as we find more information and pictures. All of this information is courtesy of the National Weather Service office in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Weather maps are courtesy of the NOAA Central Library Data Imaging Project. TORNADO TRACKS These tracks are from The Storm Prediction Center's database. It's important to remember, no tornado track is completely straight, but this will give you a very good look at all tornado tracks from 1950 to 2014. If you want to interrogate one of the tracks, zoom in as close as you can to the tornado, then tap it. Data should appear from the SPC's database. Special thanks to Joshua Carroll for his help on this project. HAIL REPORTSThere are have been more than 5 thousand hail reports across the state from 1955 to 2014. Severe hail is defined as 1 inch in diameter or larger. There are several maps sorted by hail size and you can zoom into the exact location of each report. It should be noted more than 90% of the hail reports in our state since 1955 have been 2 inches or less in size. There have been very few reports of 4'' in diameter hail over the past few decades. According the database from SPC, there was a 9 inch hail report over southern Arkansas in the early 1970s. Was that an error in the database? That's going to have to be researched to find out. TWITTER #ARWX PLUS SKYWARN Arkansas has one of the most active weather hashtags in the country, especially during severe weather. You will be able to monitor all media sources using the #arwx hashtag. Also, many others across the state, like you, help report significant weather. Ham radio meets social media here on the Arkansas Weather App. Now you can also listen to ham radio operators on "Arkansas Skywarn" and monitor the #ARWX hashtag as well. Just "X" out the Arkansas Skywarn radio player and it will move off screen so you can watch live tweets from around the state as severe weather moves through. Special thanks to the Facebook page: "I Love You, Arkansas" and Jesse Hays for the skyline photograph of Little Rock used throughout this app. LOCAL CLIMATE DATA These are average dates for more than 50 locations across the state. The data is courtesy of the National Weather Service office in North Little Rock and NOAA Northeast Regional Climate Center. The first frost/freeze dates are based upon climatology and assume 36 degrees for frost and 32 degrees for a freeze. The annual mean snowfall is based on a 30 year average from 1980 to 2010. For the maximum 1 day snowfall, you should know the length of records for all locations vary.
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