Magnetology is an application which permits one to watch the forecast of geomagnetic storms and the state of Earth. s geomagnetic field. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? Geomagnetic storms adversely affect the health of humans. They can cause aches, dizziness, rapid heart rate, and abnormal blood pressure. People with abnormal conditions of the blood and of the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems are particularly susceptible to the influence of geomagnetic storms. The degree of magnetic storms' influence on a particular person depends on many factors, including health status, stress, physical and emotional fatigue, natural predisposition. Not only can geomagnetic storms have a negative impact on humans, but also on communications, navigation, and power. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are most vulnerable to impact of geomagnetic storms. By taking into account the forecast of geomagnetic storms, you can plan difficult decisions, avoid high physical stress, and protect yourself from negative consequences. Our application will help you with this. ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE GEOMAGNETIC STORMS The Earth's geomagnetic field changes occur under the influence of the Sun. The intensity of the impact is not constant and depends on the ongoing processes on the solar surface. The strength of geomatic field disturbances is characterized by the value of Kp index. The Kp index can be assigned values from 0 to 9, where 0 is the absence of disturbances and 9 represents extremely strong perturbations of the earth. s geomagnetic field. Disturbances with a Kp index of 5 and above are called storms. The number of geomagnetic storms per year can reach 50. Available in Apple App Storehttps://itunes. COMING UPDATES OF THE APPLICATION EXPECT The ability to view history;Personal forecasts. The app uses data of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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