Mars Sea Conditions GPS

Despite the name, the Mars Sea Conditions GPS is a tool for Earth sea buoy data! The app pulls buoy data from the National Buoy Data Center RSS feeds within 50 miles using your GPS location, Beaufort scale translation and matching Beaufort sea-state thumbnails from wikipedia.The app is quite simple and beta (not finished), so any feedback is appreciated. It requires internet and GPS. It only checks your GPS location once so it doesnt wear out your battery.Recent changes:New in beta 053: Additional buoy data enables surf rough surf analysis, using Average Wave Period for more accurate scoring of prevailing surf conditions. + Dominant Wave Period+ Average Wave PeriodShort periods indicate high wave frequency. Longer periods are better. Errors corrected regarding unavailable data, zeros, etc.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size90.3 kB
Versionbeta 053
Operating System Android 2.1 Android Android 2.2
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.1 and above.