The program takes into account your skin type, the weather and the UV index of your current location. The SPF of a sunscreen that you're using, is considered also. Freckles automatically resolves your current location and retrieves weather conditions and the UV-Index. After you have set your skin-type and your age, Freckles calculates the time you can stay in the sun, without the risk of getting sunburned. Skin-type and age is saved between subsequent calls, so you only have to enter it the first time. You also have the ability, to set the SPF of a sunscreen, you might be using. You can instantly see, how much even a low SPF increases the time you can stay in the sun. After the time is calculated, you can start a timer, that sounds an Alarm, as soon as the time expires. During the "countdown", a Analog Stop-Watch is animated and a running noise (Tick-Tack) is played. Of course, this sound can be muted, if you don't like it. You may interrupt the running timer, at any time and do other things with your iPhone/iPod-Touch. After Freckles is started again, it recalculates the the remaining time automatically.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 1.81 MB
Version 1.0.0
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 3.x
System Requirements None