Wx is a specialized internet weather app for Mac OS X that downloads and processes weather information and forecasts for the United States. The software links to free XML data on the internet from the US National Weather Service, and presents it in an attractive user-friendly interface. Wx can be configured to track weather conditions, watches/warnings/advisories, live RADAR, and forecast information for 20 locations, and it can download up to 20 weather maps or images. Optional add-ons allow each user to customize Wx for their lifestyle, hobbies, and activities. Many add-ons are available, including hurricane monitoring, ski reports, marine observations, stream flow measurements, and tide tables. Wx downloads data on-demand, and can be configured to download data automatically on a periodic basis. Current weather conditions are summarized in the app's dock icon and dock menu, a floating "MiniWx" panel, and a Quartz screensaver. An optional data logging feature records weather information to text files. The WxAlert feature can sound an alarm, send e-mails or SMS text messages, or run an AppleScript when severe weather alerts are issued by the NWS. Wx can also export settings for an iPhone or iPod Touch, allowing it to use the Mobile Wx web app.
File Size3.01 MB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.6