Blue Badge Parking

Blue Badge Parking uses a database of parking locations. After the initial launch of app, if you don't have cellular connection it uses the last version saved. When launched, the app looks for nearest available spaces to your current location based on the Search Radius selected in 'Settings' (default 3 miles / 4.5kms). App launches in 'Map' tab and if it only shows "You Are Here" pin you can either increase Search Radius (Max 7 miles or 10 kms) or type a town / city into search box at top of the map. Assuming there are parking locations within the chosen search radius in Settings, the view will then add all the locations it's found with blue pins, which you can tap to reveal their description and other options. The database is automatically updated once 14 days has elapsed to keep app current and the Full database is replaced every 6 months so nothing is missed. You can review the same information in the 'List' tab where the nearest parking space is at the top. To view a specific location, touch its descriptions and the 'Map' tab opens again showing the location of that parking, plus the flag displays the description. 3/ When any of the location pin flags are visible with more options, the flag will have a blue circle containing an 'i', if you touch that a menu appears with 5 Navigation Options. In the main 'Map' tab, touch the search box at the top and a keyboard will appear. While you type predictive text is shown so when the Town name you want appears touch it, then press blue 'Return' button. You can enter not only the name of a Town or City but also Post or Zip codes or Latitude and Longitude (separated by a comma). If there is only a single yellow 'Search' pin then no parking was found, so either increase Search Radius in 'Settings' or try a nearby town. If there are spaces the screen will zoom to show them all. If you touch Zoom button it zooms out to include your current location and toggles back if it's touched again. To return to your current location either touch the yellow pin's flag with the blue circle containing an 'i' and chose "Back to Your Location" or click inside search box, then touch blue 'Cancel' button. There are 2 functions that use the 'Shake' facility which means when you shake your iDevice firmly, it will trigger an operation in the Map or Notify screens.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.0.8
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None