Arkham Cards

Create and edit decks for all of your investigators -- it will even check the deck-building rules to keep you honest. You can also group together decks into campaigns to track your progress combatting evils. The app can be used with local decks, or you can link your ArkhamDB account to sync changes on the go.App can walk you through the setup + resolution of most campaigns, while maintaining the campaign log automatically.Edit and upgrade your investigator's decks, either offline or by linking your ArkhamDB account.Track scenario results and keep the campaign log up to date.Keep track of investigator trauma and assign new random basic weaknesses as you take on new madnesses.Draw tokens from the digital chaos bag, and calculate the odds of success before you do.Use the advanced card search to search by trait, health, shroud etc. A great tool if you ever need to evaluate how many 'non-elite' enemies can be targeted by a card or know which locations a Flashlight wielding Zoey can actually stand a chance at investigating.Arkham Cards is not affiliated or endorsed by Arkham Horror: The Card Game, (c) 2016 Fantasy Flight Games.
License Free
Version 2.5.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.