Tiger Trap ( Bagh Bondi )

Bagh Bondi(Tiger Trap) is a traditional and one of the most popular game in South-East Asian region especially in Bangladesh and some of the Indian regions as well as in Nepal.People call it by different names in different areas. In Bangladesh this game is known as "Bagh Bondi (Bagh Bandi )". In Hindi it is "Bagh Bakri", in Tamil Nadu it is "Adu Puli Aatam", in Telugu it is "Puli Meka", in Karnataka it is "Adu Huli", in Punjab it is "Sher Bakar", in Orissa (Odisha) it is "Bagha Chheli" and in Nepal it is called as "Bagh Chal".Bagh Bondi is a strategic game in which two player are required to play the game. One player controls the tigers side and the other player controls goats side.The number of Goats and Tigers are not same as we saw in chess or checkers type game.The game play takes place in two phases. In the first phase the goats are placed on the board while the tigers are moved. In the second phase both the goats and the tigers are moved.The Tigers have the ability to capture goats and eliminate them from the board whereas the Goats have the power to block tigers. The game ends when either all goats are killed by the tigers or all tigers movements are blocked by the goats. As "Tiger Trap" game rules are quite simple so any person can easily play it.FeatureSimple and attractive user interfaceNo internet connection is required to play the game.Single Player and Multi Player Mode.Options to play either Goat or tiger.Diverse Boards based on different Complexity level.A very rich AI to take decision for Tiger and Goat .Game Resume functionalityAudio effect, Vibration support.Game board customization supportsView previous game results
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3.3 and up