Bingo Drop

Are you up for the challenge?Can you keep up? Its time to experience a fast-paced twist on bingo games that will have you playing for days!Bingo Drop will have you challenging your reflexes, reaction time, and brain power - and you're guaranteed to be hooked!A Bingo Game Meets the Arcade: Its Bingo Drop!Enjoy all of the fun of top casual games with a bingo twist that will have your brain working at top speed! Can you handle the Bingo Drop?Fill your board and win prizes by tapping the numbers on your board that correspond to the numbers on the dropping bingo balls.Keep one eye on the bingo balls coming your way...and one eye on your bingo sheet at the bottom of the screen!Keep up! Start off slow and try to stay on top of the pace as the game gets faster and faster.Watch out for bombs! Those pesky bombs will try to interrupt your flow...but beware, different bombs come with different challenges.Each wave gets bigger and bigger! Ride the tide and go crazy as dozens of numbers come at you, all at once!Don't lose a life - you start off with three lives, just don't drop a ball, let a bomb explode, or tap that wrong number, or youll lose one... lose all three and your game is over!Power-ups a PlentySound fun? Bingo Drop might be one of the most challenging games out there - but luckily, youll have some awesome power-ups to help you beat those waves!Explode your game with dynamite: wait for it to appear in the center of your game board to explode those balls out of the picture entirely - just make sure to cover your ears!Rise up the ranks with a score multiplier!Slow down the speed with the time-slowing clock
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.12
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up