Lazy Baduk

Lazy Baduk is a Go game analysis tool providing the power of Leela Zero on your smartphone. It is designed for rapid on-the-fly analysis, with a focus on quickly being able to play moves and ask for Leela's opinion.Leela Zero is a powerful AI for the game of Go, also known as baduk or weiqi. It is a reimplementation of the Alphago Zero machine learning algorithms. Even running on a phone, it can easily achieve a high dan level.This release incorporates 192x15 network 0a963117 from - this 15b network is trained on 40b games and is stronger than Leela Zero's mainline 192x15 options.For more Leela Zero information, see app is open source, see for more information.
License Free
Version 0.7
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 6.0 and up