Tick-tock Bomb! Explosive (boom) word game!

Tick-Tick Bomb is a well-known board developing game where players take turns in performing tasks while the bomb-timer ticks, increasing and increasing the tension))The number of players: 2 and up to 20!The simplest rules will be clear to anyone in 30 seconds;)We really love the game of tick-bomb and we play it anywhere and with any people: in a party with friends or family, as well as with new friends and acquaintances, to get to know each other better and just to have fun.There are 3 main types of tasks in the game, in each of which it is necessary to look for a noun word (preferably not using proper names and brands, for example, Andrew, Mississippi, Mercedes, etc.)The word must contain different syllables, according to certain rules, for example: The word must contain, but not end with AR.Accordingly, the timer for an explosion of a bomb is set automatically, randomly, depending on the number of players (the more, the longer the timer), the task appears and the players in a circle (for example, clockwise) call the appropriate words. The player during whose turn the bomb exploded gets 1 point. The bomb game continues until one of the players scores the number of losing points set in the beginning.P.S. It is very important to prepare for the game (for example, look through the dictionary)))1. Turn on the device sound2. Set the number of players3. Choose the first playerOnly the players themselves watch the game and honesty! The word must really exist in English!P.P.S. If you do not want to play with words, then use the bomb as a "hot potato", just pass the device while the timer ticks and until the explosion!Good luck!!! Let the explosions go past you!
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up