Dots Lines Boxes: Connect the Dots Lines Squares

Fun easy game, I used to play when I was a kid. This game consists of connecting the SQUARES with LINES to make SQUARES by taking turns one line at a time. When it is your turn and as long as there is one or more squares to close you can claim them yours by closing them (your squares will be closed for you automatically).If it is your turn and there is no square to close simply connect two DOTS (small squares) with a LINE. There is only one level in the game with 3 different board sizes Small (4 squares across), Medium (five squares across), and Large (six squares across).The system will alternate between who starts the game first and the winner of the game will be determined by who closed more squares.The last drawn line by the system is indicated in Green.The player's color is Blue.The system's color is Red.When a square is claimed by the player the letter "O" is placed inside it.When a square is claimed by the system the letter "X" is placed inside it.Tips:1. Try not to connect three lines to make a U shape2. When it is your turn and your play results in the system claiming squares, try to give up the least amount of squares3. If you close a tunnel of squares all of them will be claimed by the system4. Each player plays only one line at a timeEnjoy this free Squares Dots Lines and have fun.Thanks
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