Amigo X-Code Timer

This timer app has been created to acoustically enhance the game play experience for the co-operative real-time board game "X-Code". It replaces the sand timer enclosed in the game box. You have 3 minutes to win the game and protect the computer systems from the virus. Authentic sound effects heighten the dramatic effect.- ADVANTAGESCompared to the sand timer enclosed in the game, the timer is accurate to the split of a second and its sound effects let you know when you are running out of time. An "explosion" will occur if you exceed the given time.- ADDITIONAL FEATUREAdvanced players may select "Mission Red".- ABOUT THE BOARDGAMENumber of players: 2-8Duration: approx. 15 minutesAges: 10 and upA secret institution from the Darknet has struck and released a computer virus. If the virus becomes activated, all data from the internet will disappear and be lost forever. You and your team of fellow hackers are the last hope to prevent this worldwide disaster. Time is running out ..."X-Code" is a co-operative real-time board game by well-known game designer Kasper Lapp. You all play simultaneously. You have three minutes to break the 12-character code. It is possible to gain extra time, but you will only succeed through great speed and excellent communication. Save the world from total downfall!Step by step, players can unlock additional missions. At the beginning of the game, these are kept in top secret lockers and can only be released by a lock-and-key mechanism. Each new mission provides new challenges.The "X-Code" timer app was created in 2018 in co-operation between DIGIDICED and AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH.
Operating System Android