Link puzzle - Ghost Soul Saver

¦ Game IntroductionSide scroll MMORPG Ghost (SoulSaver) online which has long been loved for a long timefor defeating cute & spooky monsters and is now launched in the name of "SoulSaver" aone line drawing Puzzle Action RPG game!¦ Game Features- Soul Saver is a turn action puzzle RPG with a combination of puzzle game and RPG thatone line connects puzzle blocks to defeat monsters.- The players can choose one of three factions from Justice, Chaos or Evil force to growtheir characters according to the faction characteristics.¦ How to play- In a Hunting mode, goblin can be defeated by connecting goblin to sword blocks.- You can use Shield, Stamina, and Mana Blocks to fill up appropriate amount to use yourskills.- As you draw a brush with one touch, you can make a powerful attack by connecting asmany sword blocks and monsters as possible.¦ How to get stronger- Try to set your all equipped items to the same faction as your faction and get additionalstats- Try to set your all equipped items to the same attributes and get additional stats- Enhance the equipped items- Combine items to make higher items- Play puzzle with one of your pet¦ Our Mission- To defeat the monster and clear the stage.- Join a boss raid with friends.¦ Our goal- Collect the items, EXPs and gold as much as possible by defeating the monster.Purchase items with gold, enhance items, combine items to make yourself strongerClear higher stages by defeating stronger monsters.- As you fight monsters in each map, you gain EXP and level up.Even monsters gets more powerful so do not neglect to strengthen your statsWe want to maintain higher stats than monsters.- You can learn various skills by leveling up, and you can upgrade your skills.¦ Helpful Pets- Pets can be acquired from the shop and hunting. It can get higher stats by upgrading itslevel.- If you bring your Pet into your hunting, you can defeat monsters more easily with thehelp of your Pet.Also, certain Pets have the ability to block powerful attacks from monsters, so if youuse them well, you can also defeat powerful bosses.¦ Key Features- One line drawing puzzle action (link puzzle) RPG SoulSaver- Character Faction- Item enhancement- Item combination- Item Attributes- Character Level Up- Character Skill Acquisition and Skill Upgrade- Boss Monster Raid- Ranking compensation according to contribution to boss hunting- Pet ( Pet Link ), Pet Match 3 Puzzle- Pet Match 3 PuzzleYou can download and play the Soul Saver for free of charge, and optionally purchase it in your app.¦ Game Authority Usage Guide1. Storage space (photo, media, file)- The rights to install games or to store and read game data.2. Call (phone status)- Right to call while game is running- Right to check the status of the device to maintain game when you click Home buttonto switch game and others.
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