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Play for free the classic game of Checkers with Chipa Checkers, the first title of the board game platform Chipa Games!The Checkers game, also known as 'Damas' in Spanish or 'Draughts' in the UK, is one of the most popular board games in the world, although its exact origin is still a mystery!According to experts in board games, the origin of Checkers dates from the 1100's of the current era, probably born in the south of France. It was the game of the Alquerque in combination with the game of Chess that gave origin to the game of Checkers.Whatever its origin, Checkers (or Draughts) is a classic game that many have enjoyed since childhood and now with Chipa Checkers we can play for free on any mobile device from anywhere on the planet!Chipa Checkers is a classic board game online where you can compete against friends and players from around the world, choose your favorite avatars and play on the boards and with the chips you like. You can also choose the rules that best fit your region and win thousands of coins and gems in the device of your choice.Characteristics:Chipa Games is a free game.Invite your friends, it's so much more fun !Select special rooms: Each level will be a new GodNew game mode Chipa Loco. Use new powers against your opponents!The most beautiful and modern designs to give you the best gaming experience.Earn coins and gems that you can use to buy different avatars, boards, chips and powersChoose the boards and chips that you like, we have all the colors !Play with the rules of your region (Spain, Brazil, United States, International and more).Play on the mobile device of your choicePro Tips:We recommend you practice with our ChipaBot first. So, when you want to challenge your friends you will be prepared to beat them!Turn off advertising by making any purchase in the store!Earn a daily random prize by watching a video in the 'Free' section of the store!Get powers to multiply your experience, coins and gems won in each game!Watch a video every day in the 'Free' section of the store to get more coins!Coming soon:Play on the web and the Facebook games platform.Play tournaments and create your own private leagues.At Chipa Games we love board games and video games, that's why we work every day so that you have in your hands the best classic tabletop games like the game of Checkers, Dominoes, Parcheesi, Backgammon and others that have made us live unforgettable moments. If you want to know more about Chipa Games, go to sincerely hope that you enjoy our games as much as we do, and if you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to send us your comments to: support@chipagames.comIf you need additional help you can go to:, don't forget to follow us on social media!Facebook page: Profile: Channel: Chipa Checkers!
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