1 minute battle

One minute Battle is a fun table game developed for mobile devices and computers. It improves the logical thinking and strategic planning skills of the players. It is not exactly Chess and does not require special knowledge or skills. That makes the game suitable even for children because it will improve their thinking and counting skills. They will not get bored because every game can really end in 1-2 minutes.Up to 4 players can simultaneously play the game on one device.If the user cannot find an opponent, there is a player controlled by an artificial intelligence with 10 levels of complexity developed to play against him. The user can also enter a demo mode where several of this kind of players play against each other. This will help to get familiar with the rules of the game in detail and find different game tactics.The game currently saves the points accumulated so far by the player locally on the phone. IMPORTANT: You will lose the accumulated score statistics if you uninstall the game.In the next versions, we will offer players' rankings as well as the opportunity to play against other players on the Internet.A desktop and iOS version of the game are to be released soon.RULES OF THE GAMEBefore the game begins, each player chooses one of the following options for his / her figure:- 3 power points and 1 step per turn- 2 power points and 2 steps per turn- 1 power point and 3 steps per turnIf the user is playing against a player controlled by an artificial intelligence, the user chooses the option for his/her figure for the next game. In order to try out different scenarios of the gameplay, he/she can set the initial option for the figure of the player who is controlled by artificial intelligenceThe game is played on a chessboard 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12, according to the initial selection of the participants.Players are presented with chess pieces of a king in different colors.At the start of the game, the computer randomly determines the order of the players.There are randomly placed figures on the board that give extra bonuses when taken by a player. They are displayed with a rook and a knight in a different color than the players' figures.When it is the user's turn, he/she has to make just as many moves on the board as the number of steps he initially chose or that has accumulated in the course of the game. At each move, the player's figure can only go to a neighboring field, which is located up, down, left, or right from his current position.The game highlights the current player as well as the fields where he can move next.At the bottom of the screen there are all the players' figures, each showing how much steps he/she is allowed to make for a turn (the number of knights) and how much is his/her strength (the number of rooks). Above them, a larger sized king image is displayed representing the current player and the steps that remains for him/her to make in the current turn.When a player moves to a field containing a rook, he gets 1 additional power point, if it contains a knight, he gets 1 extra step per turn.If there are two players in the game and one of them is positioned on a field conquered by the other, the one with fewer power points loses the game. If there are more players in the game, the game continues and the player who conquered the field receives an extra power point and an extra step per turn. The additional step can be used in the next turn.If the players are equally strong, the attacking player wins.The last remaining player wins the game.After taking all the figures on the board except the other kings, each player has 10 turns to win the game. If no one has won during these turns, the game ends in a draw. The game can also end in a draw by pressing the "Draw" button by any of the players at any moment.
Operating System Android