Chess PGN Scanner

Featuring:[ Scanning PGN record ]Allows scanning and storing PGN chess records using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, you can easily capture a favorite PGN online record and then store it in your phone (*).[ World online PGN record database ]It is also contains a world online PGN record database that help you to search and see how your favorite chess masters compete with the others and it should be updated frequently to the latest matches between grand masters , international masters....This database should be downloaded and store in your phone for the first launch with internet connection then you can access it later without connection (**).[Online match]Chess PGN Scanner also have an online match feature that have you to compete with the others in around the world, get ready to challenger and show how good your skill is.There are also new features that we are in development such as offline training and some improvement that should be come early.Note:(*) For the recognition efficiency by using OCR you need to adjust your camera until the desire PGN sharply visible and fully bounded by a white rectangle, then you can tap on it,the more PGN sharply visible the more precious recognition perform.You can get PGN resource from**) For the latest update database you need the internet connection then just tap on Update button (you can consider to tap it more times if nothing new showed).
Operating System Android