The Garden Gate - Play Pai Sho Games

The Garden Gate is a place to play fan-made Pai Sho games online with others.Play a variety of Pai Sho games, including:- Skud Pai Sho- Vagabond Pai Sho- Capture Pai Sho- Solitaire Pai ShoLinks to the rules for each game are available in the app.When playing, tap a tile to see where it can be placed or moved on the board. The Help section gives details about the game you are playing and any tile you select to help you learn how to play.Sign in to The Garden Gate to host games and join games with others. You can have as many games going at once as you like - all your games will be saved online and you can quickly see if it is your turn in any games. Play Pai Sho with friends whenever and wherever you are!When offline, you can still play games locally on your device in person. Take Pai Sho anywhere with friends!Join The Garden Gate community and start playing Pai Sho every day!
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