Ashta Chamma (Board Game)

Chowka Bara or Ashta Chamma is an Indian board game, played during the era of kings. It is very much like Ludo. This game was used to improve eye-to-eye coordination, and to teach teenagers war tactics and strategy. It also helps in developing counting skills. All the rules are very similar to the Ludo. The movement of coins is controlled by throw of 4 cowry shells. Ashta Chamma is primarily a game of chance, but involves thinking and planning. It is an interesting and amusing way to develop strategy skills. Features: This android game can be played as single player (offline), local multiplayer (offline), WiFi Multiplayer (offline), and Online Multiplayer. No internet connection required to play with your friends and family. You can play on wifi. Or you can play with your friends or family with only one phone / tablet. Earn gold coins by playing offline and use them to bet in online games. No VIP players, everyone is equal. The game-play is designed to play using just one hand. No background hidden process. Means, best optimized for battery usage. Which means, you can play for several hours while travelling. This game is called by various names in different languages in different regions of India: Ashta Changa or Changa Po - Rajasthan. Chauka Bara - Kannada - Mysuru region. Katte Mane - Kannada - Rural Mysuru. Gatta Mane - Kannada - Rural Mysuru. Chakaara or Chakka - Kannada - North Karnataka. Pakidakali - Malayalam - Kerala region. Ashta Chamma - Telugu - Andhra Pradesh/Telanganaa. Daayam or Thaayam - Tamil - Tamil Nadu. Kaana Duaa - Hindi - Madhya Pradesh. Kavidi Kali - Malayalam - Kerala. Chung - Hindi - Madhya Pradesh. Champool/ Kach kangri- Marathi- Maharashtra.
Operating System Android