Chess Movie Studio Pro

Whether you enjoy a casual online game of chess or you are an active member of online chess clubs such as ICC, FICS, uchess or you will find this app useful to store and organize the games you play online. Playback, analyze, annotate your games and finally create a movie clip for the game that you can share with your friends. Features- Game organizer where you can load games in PGN format. PGNs can be categorized in folders and subfolders. You can Filter the loaded games by Date range, Players, ELO range of the players, Opening, and site where the game was played. Advanced filtering where you can specify a move sequence and the app will show only those games that match that sequence. PGNs can be loaded through an integrated file picker to load from local storage, through the clipboard or by simply sharing a valid PGN text selection with the app. Game Playback and move by move analysis. Line Variations navigation - Game Annotation editing - Raw PGN editing. Game Composition, create a game from scratch or edit an existing game- Manual Position Setup or load a position from a standard FEN file - Play against the integrated chess engine. Train on a specific chess opening by setting up the first few moves then activate the chess engine. PGN export to file or to the Clipboard. PGN to Movie conversion creates a movie clip for your most cherished games- Optional classical background music can be added to the created movie.
Operating System Android