The best Mahjong on the play store. Simple, modern, and completely free with unlimited puzzles. If you love matching games, Solitaire, or other single player card games, then Mahjong is for you. Simply match two of the same tiles to clear them off the board. Clear the entire board to win. Also called Taipei, Mahjong it one of the most popular games in the world. Easy to pick up and play. Simple and intuitive controls. Endless supply of puzzles with the "Make me a Board" feature. Track your progress on hundreds of hand crafted boards. Get credit for perfect games without using hints or shuffles. Simple tutorial for beginners. 3D tiles featuring brilliant animations and visual effects. Highlight valid moves or turn this option off for a real challenge. Fully customizable with three different tile sets and hundreds of background combinations. More free tile sets to come. Relaxing solo gameplay. Free updates. How to Play Mahjong: Match same symbol tiles that are not covered by another tile or blocked. Blocked tiles are tiles that have another tile on the left or right side. Match all of the tiles to clear the board. Some people call it Majhong or Majong, but it's all the same. What are you waiting for? Play Mahjong Solitaire for free today.
Operating System Android