Chess Coach 1.0

Serious about learning Chess? Note: First two complete lesson sections (15 lessons) included Free. The remaining four sections (25 lessons) require a one time in app purchase. A comprehensive, in depth, concise, educational Chess theory course created by a professional Chess Coach with many years of experience teaching Chess in schools and classrooms, for the Chess club that meets in NASA, who has won several large tournaments, given private one on one lessons for many years and even played Bobby Fischers friend and nemesis 8th world Chess champion Mikhail Tal. 36 Chess lesson videos totaling over 1 hour and 47 minutes of video lessons, longer than a full length movie, with each lesson giving great detail on the specified topic. Intended for people who are just starting out in Chess, parents who wish to teach their children to play the game correctly, novice players and players up to intermediate level. Designed to expose the student to most initial concepts as well as rudimentary Chess theory, tactics and strategy. Includes practical exercises to help develop required Chess skills and understanding of the game. Includes several textual lessons as well as the 36 video Chess lessons. Players of all levels will find useful Chess information in these lessons. Chess Tactics and Chess Strategy explained in great detail. Chess Coach 1.0 stresses Chess Theory as a means of better understanding how to play the game. Knowing why you make each move during a game is critical to playing good Chess. Chess Coach does not play Chess against you, it teaches you "How to Play a Better Game of Chess". Reviews: Great info - clearly explains the fundamentals of chess. Amazing teacher - Instructor taught my children every week for years and was amazing. We moved away so I bought this app to remind them what they had learned. A great deal for only a few bucks. Good learning tool - I love your enthusiasm and passion both for the game and your audience. Give us more. Learn to play Chess correctly. Not impulsively. Chess Coach.
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