Pyramid of the Pharaoh

''Pyramid of the Pharaoh" is a turn based fantasy digital board game, where you take the place of one of six adventurers seeking the "Ankh of Life". Traveling around the four locations (the Desert, Lost City, Temple of the Dead, and the Pharaoh's pyramid) as you search for the legendary Artifact of the Gods, with which to defeat the Pharaoh. Features: Six playable characters each with their own unique ability. Three difficulty levels. Solo and local Multi-player (up to 4 players) UPDATES: July 2015Fixed Compatability/Crash Errors with Android 5+Improved UIAI tweaks and fixesImproved hand card displayUPDATES: Sep 2014New graphics for Lost In Desert, and Hidden EntranceAi ImprovementsFixed minor bugs and crashes.
Operating System Android